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Ruth Yaron is a married mother of three. When her twin boys were born premature, she decided to put her many of years of education with a MS and an MBA to good use. She created a system to feed her babies the very best – food with organic, nutritive value that would help them to grow Super Healthy! The result of her efforts are grown healthy men AND the book, Super Baby Food now in its second edition with over 20 printings… It has become the quintessential baby and toddler feeding guide for hundreds of thousands of parents, including celebrities like Cindy Crawford . Ruth continues her research and to share Super Baby Food tips with her audience through her blog, her Facebook page and Twitter! Watch this website for continuing changes including a new edition in the future plus new segments in e-book form.

And for more detail, here is a recent interview with Ruth Yaron, author of Super Baby Food:

Ruth, we know you wrote your best-selling book, Super Baby Food, after discovering how to feed your premature twin boys the very best baby food. Can you tell us why you decided to bypass the commercial baby food out there and learned to prepare your own baby food?

Sure, twenty-five years ago, when my twin sons were born 9½ weeks premature and very sick, I knew that the most important thing I could do for them (besides giving them my love) was to feed them the healthiest diet possible. It was the mid 80’s and America was into “health foods.” But as much as I read about health and nutrition, I found that there was no single complete book about how to feed a baby healthy food.

For many new moms, caring for a baby is overwhelming and the prospect of making their own baby food is daunting, how did you get started and eventually write a whole book on the subject?

I fed the twins a diet of homemade, mostly-organic, whole grain cereals, fruits, and home-cooked vegetables. When my third son was born, I again pulled out my mini-blend containers and ice cube trays. This time I was fortunate enough to be able to quit my teaching job at the local university and stay home with my baby. As I made my son’s Super Porridge while watching Sesame Street, I thought about other moms feeding their babies over-priced, nutritionally-inferior, commercially-processed boxed rice cereal, and the idea for the Super Baby Food book was born. I had written books previously on un-important subjects, like computers and statistics. Nothing ground-breaking like healthy baby food! I was so excited to be able to work at home on something that I love so much and that interests me so much.

Many celebrities from Cindy Crawford to Kourtney Kardashian have praised Super Baby Food as their “must-have,” “New Mom” product regarding baby’s first foods. Why do you think Super Baby Food resonates with so many new moms?

Every Mom wants to give her baby the very best she can. With Super Baby Food, all the groundwork is done and a mom can simply follow the instructions and recipes to do just that. In addition, I think there is a very real satisfaction for parents to prepare their baby’s food from start to finish and to know exactly what is going into their baby’s diet. This satisfaction is catching!

A big part of the Super Baby Food Diet, as described in your book, is Super Porridge made from whole grains. Many Moms are intimidated by the thought of purchasing a “whole grain,” let alone preparing one for her baby. Were you intimidated when you started?

As I said, I was motivated by the very real need to keep my twins healthy, so I guess I my sons’ diet became my mission and I could not read enough about nutrition and health food. Back then I was an inexperienced cook and used dozens of natural foods cookbooks to learn my way around the kitchen. I was a fanatic. The motivation to keep my sons healthy overrode any intimidation I may have felt. The good news is, once you know where to find the food, and finding it is easier than ever, many organic whole grains can be found in the organic isle of your grocery store, you’ll feel like you could never feed your baby any other way.

In your book there are many money-saving tips for baby food but also for cleaning products and fun stuff as well. Will your tips take a lot of time?

Nope. All the ideas use simple household items that are easy to find. The “recipes” can be created in a few easy steps!

You’ve been helping new moms with your book, your website, your online baby store, your blog and your new iPhone App. Why do you feel so strongly about spreading the word about baby food to help moms?

At the mother-of-twins club meetings, I would listen to all the other moms—including those with full-term twins with good birth weights—talk about projectile vomit, diarrhea, high fevers, and often hospitalization for pneumonia. I listened in silence, thinking about how blessed I was to have healthy babies. As my pediatrician is my witness, my sons never got sick, NEVER! She told me that my twins were THE healthiest babies she had ever seen in all her years of practice, including those babies who were full-term singletons. The average baby gets sick 6-12 times per year just as the twins’ father and I (according to our mothers) did when we were babies, so I don’t think my sons have inherited a super immune system. I have not done a medical study to prove it, but I claim that it was the Super Baby Food Diet that made my sons so very healthy. Let some scientist prove me wrong!