Sep 092013

 Super Baby Food is officially released today!

We promised that the release of Super Baby Food 3rd edition would afford you many opportunities to win your very own copy.

We have a sensational list of bloogers who love Super Baby Food as much as you do and have been patiently awaiting the release of the 3rd edition! Each will do giveaway.

Take a look at the dates they will post their giveaway and/or review and put your hat in the ring for a chance to win a free copy of Super Baby Food, 3rd edition.

Super Baby Food 3rd edition cover

Here are the sensational bloggers who have agreed to be a part of the Super Baby Food Blog Tour Review / Giveaway: 9/9/13 9/11/13 9/13/13 9/16/13 9/18/13 9/19/13 9/20/13 9/23/13 9/24/13 9/27/13 9/30/13 10/1/13 10/2/13 10/4/13 10/5/13 10/7/13

  2 Responses to “Happy Pub Day! Super Baby Food 3rd Edition Blog Tour | Giveaways Reviews”

  1. I will do a review on Super Baby Reviews to help share the love.

  2. Hi Justin! Love your website name. We would be happy for you to do a review of the 3rd edition of Super Baby Food!
    Send a note to can let’s get started!

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