Oct 142011

A Facebook Fan wrote to Ruth requesting information for her baby struggling with baby diarrhea.  We thought it might also be useful to our blog readers, too:

A Super Baby Food Mom asks:

I’ve read your book and it’s very interesting.  I’ve learned many things for my baby (she is 1 and 3 months)…We have a problem with diarrhea…can you tell me some ideas for food against diarrhea?  Thank you very much!

Ruth Says:

I don’t mean to worry you, but diarrhea can be dangerous to a baby. Babies get easily dehydrated. Is your pediatrician aware of this? Please be sure to discuss this with your baby healthcare provider.

Things that keep poop moving well are fiber and water. Apples and pears have the soluble fiber pectin. Oats have both soluble and unsoluble fiber. Lentils are good too. I would suggest feeding her oatmeal, lentils, and apples or pears and giving her a few tablespoons of pure water in a cup with each meal of solid foods. Watch carefully for signs of dehydration– http://pedialyte.com/ talks about dehydration in children.

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