Aug 102011

My-Plate-new-nutritional-guideMom question:

I am finding your book (Super Baby Food) very interesting and helpful. I just noticed though that you were basing the Daily Food Servings on the Dept. of Agriculture’s Food Pyramid. I was just wondering since they have changed to the My Plate concept instead (making vegetables the largest food group instead of grains) if that has changed your thoughts on a baby’s grain intake as well. Thanks for the great book and place to start with making my own baby food!

Ruth Says:

Thanks for using my book.  Actually the vegetables and fruits on the Food Pyramid, when taken together, are larger than the grains group.  Nothing has really changed about the number of servings recommended from each group.  The USDA says to make 1/2 your grain servings whole.  I say to make ALL your grains whole.  I recommend eating organic foods grown sustainably and as local as possible, especially the Environmental Working Group’s “dirty dozen,” which are the foods having the worst pesticides.  Google it and you’ll find a lot of information.  If you eat meat, be sure to buy only grass-fed, organically raised animal products: eggs, milk and cheese, fish, and meat.
Thanks for the question!

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