Nov 192013

Quinoa, a seed, is a complete protein perfect for baby food

In my last blog post I covered  chia seeds, flaxseeds, and tahini (seasame seeds) and revealed how they may be prepared for baby food.  I saved another seed for it’s own blog post becasue of the sheer overwhelming healthy, nutritive value of it…You might have guesssed I am talking about quinoa.

Quinoa, commonly referred to as a grain is actually a seed!  It is a very special seed. Quinoa’s roots are Incan and its nutritive value, particularly its protein value is out of this world.  It is considered a complete protein (all of the essential amino acids are represented and in correct proportions) and 1/2 cup will fulfill a child’s daily protein needs.

Quinoa fun facts:

  • Quinoa is the seed of the Chenopdium or Goosefoot plant.
  • Quinoa is pronounced “Keen-wah”
  • Quinoa has a mild and slightly nutty flavor
  • When quinoa is cooked whole it has the texture of couscus
  • Beets, spinach, and swiss chard are all relatives of quinoa
  • Quinoa varieties include pale seeds, red seeds, and black seeds
  • Quinoa can be toasted, sprouted, grinded and then cooked or cooked whole.
Quinoa baby food preparation

For a baby, the healthy effects of eating quinoa are fantastic as you may have already guessed. I suggest grinding the quinoa to a powder, just as I suggest preparing super porridge brown rice cereal or super porridge oatmeal. Cook the powder (1 cup ungrounded) in two cups of boiling water, whisking throughout the cooking process to prevent lumps.  As always, you may cook the quinoa whole and then blend to desired consistency for your 8 month old.  Mixing the quinoa porridge with fruit, vegetables, or yogurt is always a good idea.

Unprepared quinoa should be stored in a cool dry place. Quinoa super porridge may be frozen.  Moms have had some terrific results with freezing quinoa but the defrost time may be a longer than with super porridge. You may also prepare a few 1/2 cup batches and place in the fridge for a few days at a time. There are unlimited baby food recipes that you can create using Quinoa.  Have you had any luck preparing quinoa for your baby?  Share your recipe with me!



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  1. Hi!
    Thank you for a great blog, and book! It is on it’s way in the mail – I am super excited to start using it! :) My question is: I bought powdered quinoa and it has such a bitter taste. Any suggestions as to how to remove the bitterness? Thank you in advance! :)

  2. Hmmm…I came upon a great site that suggests rinsing the quinoa seeds in a finely meshed colander to remove the saponin, a natural substance found on the quinoa that gives it the bitter taste. If already a powder however, rinsing would not be an option. I would suggest mixing the quinoa with another food or fruit to mask the bitterness or try the whole seed next time and rinse first before grinding! Here is the article link I mentioned :

  3. Why can’t quinoa be served until 8 months?

  4. If you toast your quinoa flour on 200 degrees or lower for 2 hours or so it gives a wonderful taste and color and takes away the bitterness. Also be sure to rinse it if it’s in seed form then once they’ve dried ground into meal/flour and proceed to toast.

  5. Hiii… Thanks for sharing the nutritive value of Quinoa seeds in your blog… But can you explain how this is different from like infant cereals like cerelac?

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  7. I blended cooked quinoa with 1 steamed squash 1 steamed zuchini 1 banana and a dash of nutmeg and about 2 oz of formula the taste and texture was perfect for my 8 month old!

  8. That sounds wonderful, Amanda!