Jan 282015

quinoa blueberry baby food Quinoa Porridge is great to mix with fruit like blueberries

Quinoa is a a seed…a very powerful seed.  That statement is actually redundant because a seed, by design, is packed with nutrition!  Even though quinoa is a seed, it can be fed to your baby much in the same way as brown rice super porridge or other whole grain super porridges (barley, millet, oatmeal, etc.).  It is a terrific base with nutritive value that you can add other foods to for taste, variation,  and texture variety.  Consider mixing prepared Quinoa with smashed blueberries for you 8 month old baby.

Quinoa / Blueberry Baby Food Recipe

To prepare quinoa super porridge, grind 1 cup of quinoa to a fine power, cook the powder (1 cup ungrounded) in two cups of boiling water, whisking throughout the cooking process to prevent lumps.  Blueberries are a perfect blender for quinoa super porridge. They are full of antioxidants, plus fiber, vitamin A, and Vitamin C.  The current wisdom is to feed mashed blueberries when your baby is 9 months to 10 months old.  Watch those blueberry peels, though.  Make sure they are good and mashed before adding to quinoa as peels can be a choking hazard.

What do you mix with quinoa super porridge for your baby?