Jun 302011

Parents want to know: Does baby food need salt or sugar?

Ruth says:

When you are preparing homemade baby food, such as Super Baby Porridge, never add salt or sugar. Sugar causes cavities in the teeth and adds empty calories to your baby’s diet.  Not only does sugar contain no nutrients, it actually uses up your baby’s existing nutrients from other foods for its digestion.  Although salt is needed by your baby’s body, he gets plenty of it from natural unsalted food.  Salt is an acquired taste and you should not promote a love of salt in your baby’s taste buds.  Simply stated, bland is best for your baby’s diet!

  2 Responses to “Salt and Sugar for Your Baby’s Diet?”

  1. Hi again Ruth! I wanted to let you and your readers know that I just published a recipe on my blog for Oatmeal with Kale which is my version of Super Baby Porridge. It’s the only oatmeal my daughter will eat but it’s perfect because she gets grains, green vegetables and fruit in her first meal of the day!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Trisha.

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