Jan 252011

Everybody is talking about kale and how to prepare it to feed your baby.  Kale is a Super Duper Green!  Get your baby used to the flavor and stir a kale cube into your baby’s Super Porridge as often as possible!

To prepare Kale:

  • swish in a sink full of cold water
  • remove the stems
  • Place washed greens in a dish and cover.  (Don’t add water, the rinsing water still left clinging to the leaves is enough for cooking)
  • Microwave on high about 7 minutes per pound.
  • Stir halfway through cooking time.
  • Let stand covered for 2 minutes
  • Puree and freeze using the  Food Cube Method for up to 2 months.

Remember that:

Baby must be at least 9 months old for cooked greens, 10 months old for finely chopped raw greens.

The FDA cautions that nitrates in kale, and other vegetables, could be dangerous to your baby before he is 7 months old.

Here is more information about nitrates in baby food from www.wholesomebabyfood.com.

Enjoy your kale!

  9 Responses to “Moms Are Talking About: Feeding Baby Kale”

  1. Hi, microwaving food destroys the nutrient…. wouldn’t it be much better to simply steam the greens and just as quick. I don’t understand why you would suggest microwaving when it turns a super food into a non-nutrient food?

  2. Hi Sarah. Right you are, microwaving does destroy the nutrients. The new edition of SBF will reflect the latest science.

  3. Hi
    I just followed your instructions for pureeing kale. I am just having one concern. There are lots of little strings in there that seem like they would be tough for a 9 month old. what did I do wrong? not add enough water? Can I possibly add too much water? Thanks for helping me understand what I should do next or differently.

  4. Actually, microwaving does not kill the nurtrients. I was taught in my nutrition class in college that it is actually better than boiling; steming in the best, but microwaving is quicker with less dishes 😉

  5. I am so confused! The pediatrician told me I can feed my baby anything but honey. He is 6 months old but weighs 21lbs 8 ounces. Does his weight make a difference in terms of being able to eat more things? I told the doctor I was concerned about nitrates and that I had started feeding baby kale, beets, rhubarb and carrots and he told me they just don’t have any evidence of what nitrates will do.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly about kale.
    But, Why would you microwave anything that you would give a baby? Much less cook vegetables in a microwave?

  7. Hi Sayeeda, right you are! As research has advanced so too has Super Baby Food! We agree, no microwaving!

  8. You can feed a 4 month kale in Europe, 6 month if in USA.

  9. Can i just skip the steaming for my 9 month old and give her pureed raw kale in her super porridge?