Aug 162011

Pureeing is all the rage and thank goodness.  With just a few tips under your belt, you can prepare your baby’s own food using organic, delicious vegetables and here’s the best part – you will know exactly what is in the food you give your baby!

Puree Basics

I will use the term “processor” to refer to your blender, your processor, your food mill, or whatever you’re using to puree.  To get the correct liquidy consistency necessary for beginner eaters, water must be added to the food mixture being processed.

Cook the vegetables

For most vegetables, use the water in which they were cooked, whether the water is from steaming, baking, or boiling.  This water containes valuable nutrients that have leached out of the vegetables during cooking.

Save the water

Pour the water from the cooking pot into a container with a spout so that it will be easy to pour into the processer.  I use a little glass measuring cup with a spout.

Puree Away!

Place chucks of cooked vegetables into the bowl of the processor so that it is almost full.  Make sure you leave some head room.  Add a tablespoon or two of the cooking water.  Cover, keep your hand on the lid, and start the processor.  Pour water very slowly throuugh the hole in the top of the processer until the food moves freely.  Use the least amount of water necessary to get the consistency you need for your baby’s age.  Use the Food Cube Freezing Method to store pureed baby food!  That’s it, you’ve done it!

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