Apr 212011

In Part 1, we reviewed some baby first foods.  Here are some other great first food choices.

Mashed ripe banana is an excellent first food for baby.  Bananas are nutritious and very easy for your baby to digest.  Many other cultures use bananas exclusively as their first baby food.  Try to buy only organically-grown bananas.

Mashed, ripe avocado is also an excellent first food for baby.  Avocados are extremely nutritious and contains the fatty acids that your baby needs for brain development.

Cooked, mashed sweet potato is another favorite first food for babies who are at least 4 months old.  It, too, is highly nutritious and filled with beta carotene (vitamin A).

Yogurt is a good first baby food for babies who are at least 6 months old.  Whole milk yogurt, the plain variety, instead of low-fat yogurt, is recommended because your baby needs fats. Remember that yogurt, in the under 1 year old, should not be fed in place of breastmilk or formula, but may be fed as an additional first food.

For an informative video that describes baby’s first foods, check out the video starring Ruth Yaron and Cindy Crawford.

Stay tuned for more information to feed your baby right here at the Super Baby Food Blog.

Jan 172011

We are thrilled that Kourtney Kardashian thinks so much of Super Baby Food that she highlights the book’s merits in the February issue of  Parenting Magazine.  Kourtney was thrilled to report that she “makes her own baby food.”  Of course, we at Super Baby Food could not be happy for her.

We are excited that Kourtney is helping to spread the news that making your own baby food is not only providing the best possible nutrition for your baby, it is also practical, easy, money-saving, and extremely satisfying.    Thanks for spreading the word about the merits of Super Baby Food, Kourtney, and best of luck to you and Mason! Continue reading »